Mind the Details at the River City Nissan Auto Spa

When you fantasized about driving your new vehicle around town, you probably weren’t imagining it coated in a thick stubble of salt, sludge, and mud. When you imagined that special someone in the front seat, you didn’t picture them shifting through hamburger wrappers, worn-down upholstery, and spilled cigarette ash.

To get your whip capturing the light and the eyes of all around once more, bring it in to our River City Nissan Auto Spa. From a quick, cosmetic scrubbing to a comprehensive cleaning campaign spanning every nook and cranny, we have plenty of detailing packages to choose from so you get exactly what you want. To receive a custom quote for your vehicle, please call us at 250-377-3800.

Detailed vacuum, degrease and shampoo carpets and seat cushions using aggressive stain removal solution. Re-dying of materials and posts that cannot be shampooed is an extra charge.

Hand wash, fallout removal, and hand wax.

Hand wash, fallout removal, degrease door jams, shampoo and dress engine bay, polish exterior paint, detailed vacuum, degrease and wipe interior vinyl panels, dress interior, shampoo carpets and seats, dress exterior plastics, dress tires, clean wheels, clean windows in and out.

Hand wash, exterior fallout removal, degrease wheels and tires, 2 stage power polish, dress exterior plastics, dress tires, clean exterior windows.

Degrease door jams, detailed vacuum, degrease and clean interior plastics and panels, shampoo carpets and seats, dress interior plastics and panels, clean interior windows. Excessive dog hair is an extra charge.

Hand wash, degrease door jams, degrease wheels and tires, basic vacuum, quick clean interior panels and plastics, dress exterior panels and plastics, dress tires, clean windows inside and out.

Hand wash, fallout removal, 3 stage power polish, dress and clean wheels and tires, clean outside windows.

  • Promotion available until Sept 30th.
  • 25% off Paint Clarification Package Special.