Protection Packages

River City Nissan Protection Plans

River City Nissan can help you maintain the value of your Nissan over time with a selection of comprehensive protection packages that cover all of the essential components of your Nissan. From Nissan Paint Protection and 3m to front line rust prevention, we’ll help you keep your Nissan looking like new.

Nissan Paint Protection Plans

There are a variety of environmental factors that can cause your paint to fade over time including ultraviolet radiation from the sun, as well as salt and debris from the road. Our paint sealant services will completely seal your paint surface with a smooth, durable finish that will protect your vehicle against the harsh environment in BC. It’s worth the investment, as it will not only preserve the look of your vehicle but will maintain its resale value over time.

Nissan Rust prevention

Rust is like a cancer. Once it takes hold, it can be difficult to keep it from spreading and rapidly reducing both the resale value and integrity of your vehicle. Rust can be worsened by dirt and moisture that gets into the nooks and crannies of your car body. Our rust prevention services will seal your car’s metal surfaces and stop rust from the inside out. Our high pressure spray will seal all of your inner body panels and prevent moisture and dirt from getting in.

Nissan Fabric Protection

Spills happen to everyone, and while most can be easy to clean up there are sometimes tougher messes that can stick with your vehicle for its entire lifetime. With our fabric protection service, you have guaranteed protection from staining. Our treatment gets down deep into your car’s upholstery and helps to repel future spills and stains.

Nissan Undercoating

Over time, salt, rocks and other road debris will chip away at the metal of your undercarriage leading to rust and damage. Undercoating not only helps to protect vulnerable areas of your car, but also give you the added bonus of a quieter ride.

Nissan Security Protection services

Protect yourself and your vehicle with an additional layer of security. Imprinted tracking codes will make it easy for the police to track your vehicle if it is stolen. Our Nissan security protection services assist you with the expense of recovering a stolen vehicle while discouraging thieves from being tempted in the first place.

Paint Protection

Rust Protection

Interior Protection