Nissan Rogue vs The Competition

Considering a new family SUV but not sure which is best for your family’s needs? Well, you’ve probably heard of the Nissan Rogue and many of the other big contenders in the midsized-SUV market. This is one of the most heated markets in the industry, full of big brand names trying to win over Canadian families. Let’s take a closer look at Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, and Ford’s entries to see which of them is the right fit for your family.

2019 Nissan Rogue 2019 Honda CR-V 2019 Hyundai Tuscon 2019 Ford Escape
MSRP $26,798 $27,690 $25,599 $24,599
Seating Capacity Up to 7 (with package) 5 5 5
Front-Seat Comfort Best in Class High comfort High comfort High comfort
Fuel Efficiency 7.1 L/100km Hwy,9.1 L/100km City 7.0 L/100km Hwy,8.4 L/100km City 7.9 L/100km Hwy,10.0 L/100km City 8.0 L/100km Hwy,11.0 L/100km City
Power 170 HP 190 HP 164 HP 168 HP
Torque 175 lb-ft 179 lb-ft 151 lb-ft 170 lb-ft
IIHS Top Safety Pick+ Yes Yes IIHS Top Safety Pick only No

There you have it–some of the most important data on all the biggest contenders. The 2019 Nissan Rogue has a lower-end MSRP, and you get a lot out of it. You can potentially fit more family and friends into the Rogue, and with Best-in-Class front-seat comfort, you’ll all be especially happy. You’re also getting outstanding fuel efficiency with the Rogue, both in and out of the city, and comparable to the CR-V. You’d be getting more horsepower out of the CR-V, but it comes at a cost. And as for the other two competitors, the Rogue’s IIHS Top Safety Pick+ rating gives it that much more of an advantage over them.

Come get a feel for the Rogue yourself here at River City Nissan where we stock a ton of 2019 Rogues ready for a test drive. Feel free to contact us to schedule that test drive, or take a look at our New Vehicle Inventory of Nissan Rogues from multiple model years. We think you’ll appreciate the price, capacity, comfort, efficiency, and safety tech of the vehicle, and after the purchase, you won’t look back.